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Contact Breeze Air Conditioning for a quality reverse-cycle split system air conditioner. Reverse-cycle units both heat and cool your room depending on the setting. Split systems make use of an indoor component and an outdoor unit, allowing for application and installation in difficult spots. The 2 units are attached via a refrigeration pipe, with the indoor unit available as wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling cassette or bulk head.

Split systems give you a great deal of control over your room’s temperature, often fitted with automatic timing options. This makes them ideal for shift workers or people with busy lives because you can program them to automatically turn on and switch off at various times, 7 days of the week. Add on wi-fi and you can control the temperature before you even get home, all from your smart phone!

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What are the benefits of split system air conditioning?

Why choose a split system air conditioning system over a conventional centralised air system? There are numerous reasons why going for a split system may be a better fit for you and your home. Here are just a few of the benefits that choosing a split system air conditioning system could offer you:

Easy, Quick Installation

Because a split system air conditioning system doesn’t require extensive ducting, a unit is fast and easy to install. That means minimal disruption, no property damage, and climate control in your home without having to wait for ducting to be completed in the process.

Energy-efficient design

On average, split system air conditioning systems use less energy than more extensive systems. Because you aren’t losing energy through a duct system, you’re getting the full benefit of your air conditioning system in the room you’re in. That means even rooms without ventilation or great airflow get the full, cooling benefits.

Practical Programming

Modern split system air conditioning systems allow for full programming. That means you can set up your climate control to come on as you walk in through the door, or to activate periodically throughout the day to keep pets and family members cool. Hands-off air conditioning at an affordable price point.

Complete climate control

Unlike centralised air systems, split system air conditioning systems allow for full climate control. That means you’re able to both heat and cool rooms depending on your specific needs and requirements, providing you with 100% control over your interior environments.

Little maintenance required

Split system air conditioning systems are generally comprised as one or several units that work solo. That means there’s no need for extensive maintenance beyond the basics, and your system is far more likely to stay in top condition for longer.

Flexibility in the home

Not everyone likes their space to be at the same temperature. That’s where multiple split system air conditioning units come in handy. With the option for separate operation in each room, every member of your family can keep their space exactly as they like it – no arguments required.

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