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At Breeze Air Conditioning, we supply a range of heating and cooling appliances, including evaporative cooling and gas ducted heating in Newcastle. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional electric air conditioning this could be your answer! 

With our professional and friendly team at Breeze Air Conditioning, you can trust us to deliver high-quality services, repairs, and installations with excellent value for money – be it to cool your home or workplace with an evaporative cooling system, or to heat up your home or workplace with gas ducted heating.

Gas ducted heating

Ducted gas heating is clean, effective and energy efficient. 

By installing a gas ducted heating system, you can benefit from instant heat. A gas ducted heating system works by distributing clean, heated air throughout your home. It’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to heat up one room, two, or your entire house. 

Enjoy the benefits of instant heat from a new gas ducted home heating system.

Insulated ducts transfer clean heated air throughout your home.  Gas ducted heating can be set to turn off when the desired temperature has been reached.

There are a wide range of advantages to choosing a gas ducted heating system for your home.


Benefits of a gas ducted heating system

There are many benefits of having a gas ducted heating system. The first one is that you don’t have to worry about being too cold or too hot! The gas ducted heating system automatically turns off when it reaches the desired temperature. Not only is it environmentally friendly as it uses very little electricity, saving you money on your energy bill, but the gas ducted heating system also won’t interfere with the aesthetic of your home as the vents are in the ceiling or floor.

Gas ducted heating systems are easy and simple to control using a central control panel that is usually in one of the main rooms in your workplace or home. This makes it easy to increase or decrease the temperature whenever you want. As the control panels can be zoned, you can choose which rooms you’d like to heat, and those you don’t.

Evaporative cooling systems

Installing an evaporative cooling system is a great way to maintain a comfortable natural room temperature while keeping your home well ventilated. Evaporative cooling systems are generally comprised of specialised cooling pads, a water tank, pump and a ventilation motor which converts warm outside air into a refreshingly cool breeze.
There are many benefits to choosing an evaporative cooling system.

Benefits of an evaporative cooling system

There are numerous benefits of choosing an evaporative cooling system. The primary one being that your home and workplace environment has fresh, outside air as the evaporative cooling system uses filtered, outdoor air to cool down your home. In doing this, it frees the room and house of odours and stale air. If you or your loved ones have asthma or allergies, the airflow frees your home of asthma-causing particles and allergens, making it a relaxing environment for all your family.

A huge bonus is that evaporative cooling systems cost far less than traditional air conditioning systems as they use significantly less electricity. The reason? They are tailored to your circumstances, allowing you to save energy costs of up to 80% than those needed for traditional air conditioning systems.

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Gas Heating FAQ's

Gas ducted heating is the most functional and cost effective form of heating. Reverse cycle systems become inefficient when the temperature starts to drop, relying on more electricity to perform well.

Learn about the advantages of gas ducted heating in our blog post. 

It is important to review your heaters manual for maintenance and servicing recommendations.

Regular maintenance of the gas heater is important to prolong it’s heating capabilities.


Reticulated gas is the most cost-effective energy source for gas heating. If this is not available to your home, there are alternatives.

Using bottle gas is still more efficient than using electrical heating in cold areas. 

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